About Me



I’m a proud third/fourth-generation Mexican-American and grew up in Arizona. As a child, I learned of the civil rights work my grandparents, parents & extended family actively supported, such as the United Farm Workers (Si, Se Puede!). Driven by their example, I’ve always been passionate about helping others live healthy and happy lives. To me, that means eliminating health disparities, improving access to healthcare, healthy food and social services, and harnessing technology to influence social good. It also means empowering and nurturing the next generation to change the world.

I've spent my academic and professional career uncovering the social and environmental barriers that prevent people from having optimal health and opportunity. I’ve worked in places like the U.S. House of Representatives to understand the systems that perpetuate the unjust status quo. I pursued higher education to equip myself with the tools, skills, and resources to change these systems to create a more equitable society. 

I started college as a Biomedical Engineering major at the Barrett Honors College of Arizona State University. After realizing it wasn’t the right fit, I transferred to Georgetown University where I completed a Bachelors of Science majoring in Biology and minoring in Science, Technology and International Affairs (Class of ‘12).

After three years of work experience in Washington, DC, I completed a Masters of Public Health in Health Communication and Marketing at the George Washington University (Class of ‘18). During graduate school, I focused on healthy food access, cause marketing for nonprofits and using virtual reality for behavior change.

I’m a life-long learner and advocate for innovation and inclusion. I'm fascinated by social impact investing & the social movements started by Gen X [Sunrise Movement, March for Our Lives, etc.].  

I love outdoor adventures & making crafts. I believe in living life to the fullest and appreciating the natural beauty in our everyday lives. I lead craft workshops at my sister’s creative agency, Distill Creative and specialize in paper flower crafts. In 2018, my partner, Ben, and I built a Ford E-350 van into a tiny home and traveled across the country for 6 months. We visited 24 U.S. States, 13 National Parks and met countless amazing fellow Americans.