I’m a lifelong learner trained in qualitative and quantitative research methods. I love the scientific method and believe truths are found in both evidence-based research and lived experiences.


Graduate Thesis

GW Milken Institute of Public Health

Washington, DC

Principal Investigator, April - August 2018
Designed research methods, completed IRB, recruited participants and executed original research study:

“The Impact of Virtual Reality 360 Film on Helping Behaviors After Natural Disasters”

This study assessed whether virtual reality (VR) 360-degree film was more effective than traditional film at influencing people to help victims in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Study participants watched the same film in either 360-degree format or traditional film format, then were asked about their intentions to help the Hurricane victims. Participants that felt higher levels of transportation by the film (regardless of format) had higher intentions to help hurricane victims, but there was no significant difference between the 360-degree and traditional film formats. The study was only 36 participants and further research is recommended to fully understand the power of 360-degree films.

Award: The George Washington University Research Days 2019 - Judges Choice Video Submission Award 



Mayo Clinic

National Institutes of Health: STEP-UP Program

Scottsdale, Arizona

Lab Research Intern, June – August 2010

Awarded a research education grant by the Short-Term Education Program for Underrepresented Persons to work full time for 10 weeks researching G-protein coupled receptors in the lab of Dr. Laurence Miller M.D. Presented scientific research presentation and poster to peers at the Annual STEP-UP Undergraduate Research Symposium in Atlanta, GA.




Department of Family Medicine

Georgetown University 

Washington, DC

Research Intern for the lab of Dan Merenstein, M.D., January - May 2012

Raised awareness and recruited participants for the P.A.C.K. clinical trial which examined the beneficial effects of probiotics in infant formula.

Visited day care centers, pediatrician and OB offices in the D.C metro area to provide information, answer questions and generate interest in becoming a participant.



Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Georgetown University

Washington, DC

Research Assistant, September 2011- December 2011

Edited and added additional information to two clinical protocols under the direction of Professor Jane Fall-Dickson, RN, PhD.

Performed literature reviews and analysis of previous clinical trials to establish support for methods used in the protocols, wrote these ‘evidence’ sections into the protocols.